Sales Policy

This policy applies to members of the public purchasing vehicles which have a Form 5 from Beaches RVs pty ltd.

Method of Purchase:

In the case of an offer to purchase from a consumer, a member of staff assisting with the completion of the relevant documentation will ask the purchaser for their name, address and other details. However, if Beaches RVs pty ltd receives a deposit in any form, such deposit will be deemed to be proof that an offer to purchase the vehicle has been made by the consumer.

A minimum of $1000.00 deposit will be requested when an offer is accepted, however, this amount may be varied by mutual consent between the consumer and a member of Beaches RVs pty ltd staff.


For deposits of up to $1000.00 the purchaser may pay via the following methods, Cash, Personal, Business or Bank Cheque, Eftpos of other Methods of Electronic Transfer of Cleared Funds, Credit Card or Debit Card.

For amounts above $1000.00 Beaches RVs pty ltd accepts Bank Cheque, Electronic Transfer of Cleared Funds or Cash. Credit Card Debit Card, Amex or Eftpos are accepted also but incur a fee.

Beaches RVs pty ltd requires payment for the balance of any purchase to be strictly within 7 working days after a deposit is taken, using the payment methods listed above, unless prior arrangements have been made with staff.


Once the purchaser pays in full for the vehicle, they are deemed to own the vehicle and therefore responsible for its insurance falls upon them. We advise purchasers to have insurance or a cover note in place as early as practicable to protect their purchase.

For insurance, we recommend CIL insurance – 1800 112 481 (Dealer reference 59411488)


The vehicle will be available for delivery only after full payment is received.

The purchaser will be handed a tax invoice and RMS Transfer Application Form or in some cases, these forms may be posted to the purchaser after delivery.

Where applicable, a current RMS eSafety Check Inspection showing the vehicle has passed will be supplied with the vehicle. If the vehicle was registered less than 1 month prior to the purchase date then the label number of the vehicle will be sufficient as proof of roadworthiness and in lieu of an RMS eSafety Check Inspection showing a pass.

Returns Policy:

Beaches RVs pty ltd offers all purchasers the opportunity to inspect vehicles prior to any purchase. Purchasers are welcome to have a mechanic or third party inspect the vehicle and are advised to make sure they are satisfied with the vehicle they intend to purchase it. One the vehicle is collected, and all RMS forms have signed the title of the vehicle is immediately in effect and transferred to the purchaser.

Beaches RVs pty ltd have the right to refuse a refund or exchange for ‘change-of-mind’.


Vehicles that still have the balance of New Car Warranty may be taken to the service agent for that particular make of car to make a claim.

A statutory 3 month or 5,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) is available where applicable. This warranty is governed by the NSW Office Of Fair Trading. This warranty excludes consumable or wearable items.

Third-party warranties are available for purchase from Beaches RVs pty ltd up until the delivery of a vehicle.

Any warranty works must be authorised by Beaches RVs pty ltd before any works commence.

Transfer of Your RV:

On the collection of a vehicle Beaches RVs pty ltd will hand over all the appropriate forms to help with transferring the rego over into your name. In some cases, we will do this on your behalf by collecting the stamp duty and fees on the RMS’s behalf.

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