Buy-Back Options

Have Confidence In Your Purchase


At Beaches RVs we want to ensure that all our customers have 100% confidence in their purchase. That’s why we give a buy-back option on all of our vehicles regardless of age or KM’s travelled.

Buy-back options suit a number of people from backpackers to retirees looking to do a trip around Australia for a lengthy period of time knowing they will get a fair return for their vehicle once they are finished with it.

By going for the buy-back option you can save up to 50% or more as opposed to renting that same style of vehicle AND you get to own it!


  • Guaranteed return
  • A simple way of buying
  • MUCH cheaper than renting
  • Can be arranged on a finance term
  • Optional road-side assistance
  • Warranty on all vehicles

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For more information on our buy-back options please contact us on 02 9938 2203 or fill out the form below:

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