A Clear Title

June 12, 2018

Guaranteeing A Clear Title

What does a clear title mean when buying a pre-owned RV?

As a licenced motor dealer, we are obligated to check every vehicle that comes into our inventory to guarantee its clear title. This gives customers peace of mind when collecting their RV that there is NO hidden encumbrances on their purchase.

Whether you are buying a used caravan or RV there is one particular major check that needs to be done to ensure that the vehicle has not got any encumbrances attached to it. This is known as a PPSR check (Personal Properties Securities Register), often known as a REVS check.

Some typical encumbrances that can be found against a vehicle are:

  • The vehicle has been written off (meaning, it has been in some sort of collision or damaged in a way that the insurer has ‘written off’ the vehicle, deeming it unsafe) As a licenced dealership we do not get involved with these types of vehicles.
  • Finance owing (This could potentially leave a buyer with financial debt from the previous owner if it’s not cleared)
  • Odometer rollback (In Australia 1 out of 100 cars on the road have had odometer rollback)
  • Unregistered vehicle (Although often an easy fix, it’s good to know the vehicle is actual registered)

To obtain this information at Beaches RVs we use the carhistory.com.au service. We are always happy to provide this report free of charge to any potential buyer for a vehicle.

It’s super important for sellers and buyers to be aware of what this check I because purchasing a vehicle with a nasty encumbrance could potentially hurt the vehicles re-sale value.

A PPSR report looks typically like the one below. It is a national register, so it works in all states and territories. In order to get this via carhistory.com.au you simply need the vehicles VIN number which will be entered into the site and the report will then be downloadable.