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We’re very excited about the upcoming Henty Field Days show where we will be exhibiting the all-new off road Van Cruiser Interceptor caravan and the Van Cruiser Outlaw SUV, which also has tough off road capability.

The Henty Field Days show runs from September 22nd to 25th and is located about 50kms out of Albury. If you’re heading to the show be sure to drop in and say G’Day and have a look at the very impressive Van Cruiser Caravans on display.

Campervans On The Rise

Here's 3 Reasons Why...

Campervans are making huge waves around the nation at the moment. People from all over the country are seeking a campervan as a tourer and a daily drive.

With the last report conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics backing up that campervans are the second largest growth sector in regards to vehicle registrations at a 3.9% increase on 2014, here’s our take on why people are making the jump from typical sedans, utes and SUVs.

1. Residual value

We have found that people are sick of losing close to 58% on their car purchases based on a 5-year calculation. For example, a new base model Holden SS Commodore worth $47,790 in 2010 is now worth less than $19,700 as per On top of that this is excluding any interest payments for financing.

However, in regards to a campervan purchase. A new VW Transporter with a camper conversion worth $78,500 in 2010 now as [...]

Instagram for Beaches RVs

Staying connected

We are very proud to launch the new Instagram page for Beaches RVs. Instagram is one of the worlds fastest growing social media platforms. Our customers can share their experiences via photo and video and we can share our innovations and events through this medium too.

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