Campervans On The Rise

Here's 3 Reasons Why...

Campervans are making huge waves around the nation at the moment. People from all over the country are seeking a campervan as a tourer and a daily drive.

With the last report conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics backing up that campervans are the second largest growth sector in regards to vehicle registrations at a 3.9% increase on 2014, here’s our take on why people are making the jump from typical sedans, utes and SUVs.

1. Residual value

We have found that people are sick of losing close to 58% on their car purchases based on a 5-year calculation. For example, a new base model Holden SS Commodore worth $47,790 in 2010 is now worth less than $19,700 as per On top of that this is excluding any interest payments for financing.

However, in regards to a campervan purchase. A new VW Transporter with a camper conversion worth $78,500 in 2010 now as a used camper in 2015 are worth $59,990 at the dealerships, that’s only 23% depreciation whilst having a car, kitchen, bed, lots of storage and tones of fun and versatility. A cheap car and a very cheap holiday!

2. Convenience

Now thanks to the Internet and technology buyers are finding it so much easier to select a campervan that suits them, distance is become no object. Previously people would head to their local car yard and order a car that they found fit for purpose. Now they can get something that looks great and offers so much more than a standard ‘car’.

3. Modern Appeal

It’s no longer just ‘Grey Nomads’ buying campers. Young couples, families and singles are buying as an alternate to a typical car. Campervans are becoming so technologically advanced. With all the safety features, driver and passenger comforts, modern appliances and even technology like in-built Wi-Fi to allow people to work and stay connected whilst on the road people are making the fast switch to a camper. Not to mention the very modern interior and exterior designs often customisable to suit the individual.

In Conclusion?

Talk to the experts but at the same time go out and enjoy life!

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